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Spree of car burglaries spur warning

Published on 6/8/2011

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is warning San Carlos residents to lock their vehicles after 36 break-ins were reported in cars parked around the city since early May.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Rothaus said that all but two of the thefts took place in neighborhoods west of El Camino Real, and that most of the targeted vehicles had been left unlocked.

“They’re going around to cars and trying to see which ones are unlocked,” Rothaus said. “They’re looking for easy pickings.”

Rothaus cautioned residents to lock their cars and remove or conceal electronics, chargers or other valuables that can be seen by potential thieves.

“They’re looking through the windows for items in plain view,” Rothaus said.

A 28-year-old San Francisco man was arrested on Monday in connection with at least two of the vehicle break-ins, but the sheriff’s captain said there is probably more than one individual responsible for the crimes.

“I’m not convinced he’s responsible for all of them,” Rothaus said.

Rothaus said that San Carlos is a safe community, but that safe neighborhoods can sometimes lead residents into to being complacent when it comes to basic crime prevention, such as locking windows and doors.

“That can be our Achilles heel sometimes,” he said.