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Coastside tagger arrested

Published on 9/22/2010

Moss Beach resident Zach Ayers was arrested Sunday by San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputy Owen Yoch on two felony, over $400 in damages and nine misdemeanor vandalism charges. The charges stemmed from 11 acts of vandalism committed over the past three months in El Granada and Moss Beach. In one of the acts of vandalism, Ayers was identified by a surveillance video which showed him walking up to the side of a truck and tagging the truck with paint, according to police.

Ayers allegedly used the tags “GAZ,” “SIC,” “FONZ,” “WOR,” “MBK” and “WAX.”

The felony charges involved two vehicles that had sustained over $1,500 in damage, according to police.

Any person with additional information about this case is encouraged to call Sheriff’s Detective Jim Gilletti at 363-4066.