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Two escapees caught quickly

Published on 8/17/2010

Two youth who escaped from the Lob Cabin Ranch, a youth detention facility in La Honda, were quickly detained by sheriff’s deputies Saturday afternoon.

At approximately 3:52 p.m., sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the facility on reports that the two detainees had fled. Deputy Dan Young searched Pescadero Creek Road and Alpine Road. Deputy Robert Willett found both subjects on a dirt road that runs parallel to Alpine Road, adjacent to the Dimas Ranch. Willett exited his patrol vehicle and ordered the escapees to halt. One escapee complied and placed his hands behind his back. The other escapee fled the scene, running down a hill, across a creek and down a trail for approximately 50 yards, according to police.

Willett handcuffed the first escapee and placed him in the back seat of his patrol vehicle before pursuing the second escapee. He followed the path he observed the second escapee flee and found the second escapee along the trail hiding behind a tree, according to police.

It was rumored that both escapee has taken “scrapers” from the wood shop at the Log Cabin Ranch, but they were not found. The two were booked for violating their probation, escaping, petty theft and resisting an officer, according to police.

An alert to nearby towns was not issued because they were caught so quickly, according to police.