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Alleged shooter charged

Published on 6/19/2010

The Hillsborough man who admitted shooting his longtime friend in the head but claimed it was self defense was formally charged Friday with murder and the use of a firearm.

Bradley Kleiman, 30, was a parolee at the time of fatal shooting but prosecutors did not charge him as a felon in possession of a firearm — an omission that might point to who actually owned the weapon.

Authorities have stayed mum on the gun’s ownership as well as other details that led them to arrest Kleiman on suspicion of murder after he called 911 just after 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 15 to report shooting Christopher Calvache. Calvache, 30, was shot in Kleiman’s residence, a pool house detached from a five-bedroom main house on De Salba Road where his parents live.

Kleiman said he shot Calvache during a struggle after his friend pulled a gun on him. Calvache and Kleiman were the only ones on the property at the time.

Hillsborough police reported finding only one weapon and several casings at the home. Three shots were reportedly fired, including one that struck Calvache in the head.

An autopsy was conducted on Thursday but the Coroner’s Office has not released the results.

At the time, Kleiman was on parole for felony driving under the influence causing injury and reckless evading a police officer.

He also had a narcotics possession charge in Santa Barbara.

Calvache was on permanent disability, still recovering from breaking his neck approximately five years ago. Calvache was expected to never walk again but recovered.

On Friday, Kleiman appeared in court for the first time since his arrest. He declined to enter a plea and returns to court July 13.

A judge upheld his no-bail status.